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Dangan Ronpa! Analyzing is Despair!
I'll Keep Going till I'm no longer Relevant! (Day 2)
The T.V turns on at its scheduled time as it shows Manga on the screen. “Rise and shine my members of the rift! It's time to enjoy the rest of the day.” It turns off soon after.
Another day, another chance at survival. It's been ten days but it feels like an eternity since the last time we saw any kind of sunshine. I swear, I think my body is lacking any kind of vitamin C. I should probably double my amount of Orange juice consumption today. Should probably get out of bed first….hehe.
I steady my pace, walking straight to the cafe.
“What the!?” That was Toon voice right? “Sounds like trouble!” I sprinted, full speed. It wasn’t long till I skid across the Rift bar, catching Toon and Foxwell being hold back against their will. Their faces looked so bloodthirsty from where I stand. “Ca
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One minute Melee: Inspector Gadget vs XJ9


As the city was busy as it always been, one Robot will do whatever it takes to talk to the most popular boy in school. It’s a good thing that she is surrounded by many stores within a shopping mall.
“OK Jenny, time to get yourself a makeover!” Before Jenny could enter the first store, A sudden person with a heavy coat is launch right at her.
The two collide as they landed right in the water fountain.
“Well...that could of gone better.” The Person jumped out of the fountain, all soaking wet. “Time to dry myself up! Go Go gadget blow dryer!” His top part of his hat open, showing a bunch of mechanical arms holding blow dryers as they dry him up.
It wasn’t long till a energy beam pass right thru him.
Jenny wasn’t all that happy now that she is wet. “You…” She said with a hard
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Net Nuetrality is in trouble. by Animewolfgamer Net Nuetrality is in trouble. :iconanimewolfgamer:Animewolfgamer 1 0
One Minute Melee: Rukia Vs Satsuki

As the moon shine bright, A hollow let out a loud roar as it walks right into the field of the school. Satsuki stands right in front of it, witnessing the horrible looking creature up close.
“This thing will not be allowed in my school” She grabbed the sword, getting ready for battle.
“Sodo no Shirayuki!” Suddenly, a single blast of Ice covered the monster, instantly killing it.
Satsuki is impressed by the feet. She took a look, only to see a girl in a black komoto in her sight. The two looked at each other with a curious glare. “Who are you?”
She close her eyes, “My name is Rukia Kuckiki. I came here because there was a hollow within the school gro
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One Minute Melee: Pearl Vs Bandana Dee

Beach city, a place where many tourist could go and enjoy the relaxing setting and enjoy delicious food, as well as enjoying a tan on the beach. Pearl walks around the beach as she stop in place in front of the board walk.
“Well I guess this should be a good time to practice my spear techniques.” Pearl summons her glass spear out of her forehead and began quickly.
But just a few feet, a small little puffball creature with a bandana on his head walks down the boardwalk. He stop in place and notice Pearl practicing with her spear. The puffball got curious and decided to get a closer look.
As pearl practice her spear techniques, she quickly stop as she notice the little puff ball j
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One Minute Melee: Luguar Vs Cloud






“Luguar this person that you're hunting might give you a tough challenge. Its best to be on your guard when you go up and face him. You should be at his location so good luck,” The call ends.
Lugaur Takes a deep breath of the fresh swamp air, avoiding any contact with the wildlife around it.
Suddenly he stopped. Lugaur slowly wrapped his hands around the handle of his hammer. “Rain down!” He Turned, catching a firestorm of small meteors heading right towards him.  
He pulls out his hammer and rotates it at fast speed which was enough to deflect them all. Lugaur took a closer look, showing what seems to be a man with a weird looking sword and spiky hair cut.  
He draw his sword, “my name is Cloud and I’m here
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DBX: Flippy vs Soldier


“GENTLEMAN HUDDLE UP!” Spy laid out a blueprint as everyone huddle up around the table. “Listen up as I am going to only explain this once!”
Everyone sat a little closer, containing their excitement.
“We are going to infiltrate one of the biggest-” He paused, taking one more look around the room. “Has anyone seen the solder?”
Everyone looked at each other before nodding slowly.
The Spy slowly facepalm, throwing his cigarette as it land on pyro left hand. “Let me guess? He went there alone didn’t he?”
Everyone nodded at him while the pyro begins to play with his cigarette.
The Spy groaned, taken a deep breath, “well it was nice knowing him.” He pushes himself away from the table, standing up from his seat. “If anyone needs me, please don’t bother.” The Spy turned his back on them as he walked out of the con
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One Minute Melee: Nora Vs Pascel

Nora stretches her arm, taking a nice walk into the woods, just a few miles away from Beacon Academy. “It’s always nice to have a good breath of fresh air.” Nora smiled, letting out a loud giggle, “I wish Ren was here to enjoy this.”
Suddenly a loud boom was heard just a few miles of distance from her. “What is that!?” Nora was surprise, seeing a huge puff cloud just coming out of nowhere.
“WAHHHHH!” Out of nowhere, Nora looked in front of her. A girl of some kind, being flinged like a spinner headed right towards her. Nora Sprinted in place, but the girl catches her as the two crash into a lot of trees. A huge dust cloud forms, with dir
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Dangan Ronpa! Analyzing is Despair!
I'll Keep Going till I'm no longer Relevant! (Day 1)
“Everything in order my dear master?”

“Hmmmm I say yes. I love what you did to the moderator here.”

“Well, he is still kicking my master.”

“Don’t worry….I’ll be sure he doesn’t stay that way.”
My eyes shot open at the speed of sound. I moved my eyes around, seeing the darkness cover my room. I can feel the dry burn that my eyeballs are committing. “Ughhhhhhh…” Sapphire….Finn….Darkedge...I just never thought you'd leave in the same day.
Despite this, it wasn’t the only thing I was thinking. How Toon acted during the aftermath…
“If you’re really serious with this death game, how about not giving a fuck to the censors!?” The look on his fa
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Dangan Ronpa! Analyzing is Despair!
Rift Conversation (Set 3)
Keyframe Conversation 3:
Taking a walk around the city is just what I need. Anything to get out of my closed-in room. I take a deep breath, getting all the fresh air into my lungs.
“Ugh….Damn it!” Hearing an angry voice, I turn my head to the left.
“Someone there?” I enter the museum, catching Keyframe trying to piece together a broken statue. “Keyframe, you ok?”
She jumps, dropping the pieces, which break into more pieces. “UGH! Unova, really?!?” Her eyes look stressed as she gives me an angry glare.
Oh dang it! “I’m sorry there, Key-”
Suddenly I am dragged towards her as my hooves skid across the floor, “Just help me pick this up, ok?”
I take a big gulp, nodding quickly. “Okay Ma’am…” Wow, that was kinda scary. Better keep my mouth s
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One Minute Melee: Starrk Vs Kizaru

Starrk and Lilynette make themselves cozy as the two lay on the grassy fields of a island located in the middle of nowhere.
“The wind is blowing very hard today,” Lilynette says as she lays on a branch just above Starrk. “We can be lazy all day.”
Starrk doesn’t respond.
Lilynette blows her cheeks out, glaring. “You know, you could've said you don’t want any small talk!”
Starrk lets out a long sigh.
While the two continue relaxing, someone watches them from a distance. “Ooooh. This guy seems to be trespassing on possible Marine Territory.” He point his finger at them. A light appears as it charges up.  
Lilynette quickly spots the lig
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One Minute Melee: Twilight Vs Shanoa

It is a dark and stormy night. The moon shines as the rain pours down. Twilight walks down the path of a corn field, looking around the area.
“Ugh!” Twilight groans in annoyance, “how did I got lost? I need to hurry, or else I’m gonna miss the meeting of the United Nations.” She breaks into a run. Further down the path, she stops.
She steps back, seeing what seems to be some strange creature that she has never seen before. The creature is standing on two legs. It has long blue hair with dark blue armor around her body, with the exception of the arms and thighs of her legs. She wears blue fingerless gloves, and a skirt cover in armor.
Twilight wonders what the creatur
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One Minute Melee: Tirek Vs Hallowfication Ichigo






Upon a huge waste land, Tirek walks among the flat rock surface, wind blowing sandy dust around him. “It seems that I have absorbed every last magic that I can.”
But just a few miles away, a creature rises into his sight. The monster in question has long horns twisted together, a black cloak around its waist, and white skin with red markings.
Tirek can’t help but laugh. “Are you some kind of imposter! There can be only one!”
The monster responds with a loud roar.
Tirek smiles, letting out a growling but soft chuckle. “So, you want a fight, do you?” He slams his fists together. “Well then...LET'S FIGHT!”

A full on battle of power!

Tirek launches the fi
:iconanimewolfgamer:Animewolfgamer 4 0
One Minute Melee: Apple Jack Vs. Whispy Woods

The sun rises, marking the beginning of a new day . Applejack pushes the cart along and kicks the trees, making the apples fall.
“Whoa nelly! I think this might be enough to feed the entire town for a week!” Applejack says confidently, kicking tree after tree.
Suddenly, a strange looking tree that catches her interest. She walks up to it to get a closer look.
“Never seen a tree like this before.” It looks a little wider and has more leaves than the others, but she forgets these oddities when she sees the brightest, reddest apples on its branches. “Those apples look mighty delicious! With them, I might be able to earn more bits than a whole role of cider gallons
:iconanimewolfgamer:Animewolfgamer 5 5
One Minute Melee: Yang vs Sophie






It is late, and the midnight moon shines brightly. Yang drives on her motorcycle down the empty highway. She thinks she has all the space she needs, but something unexpected comes into sight.
A girl with bright purple eyes and purple hair tied in twin tails appears in front of her. Yang makes a sharp U-turn to stop before hitting her. Dismounting the bike, Yang slowly walks towards the girl, but keeps her guard up, just in case.
“Are you my opponent?” The girl asks.
Yang looks at her, confused. “Why should I answer that?”
The girl bobs her head from side to side. “My name is Sophie, and I believe we are supposed to fight.”
Yang doesn’t know how to respond at first. However, taking another look at her, she feels a
:iconanimewolfgamer:Animewolfgamer 2 3
One Minute Melee: Pinkie Pie Vs Peacock






Peakcock walks around, taking in the sight of a unrecognizable forest. "UGH! Where am I!" Peacock let out small burst of steam, stomping on the ground. She quickly stop as she heard someone singing and heading her way. "WHO IS THERE!" She grabs out her pistol, pointing at the direction of where the voice was coming from.
It wasn't long before she saw who it was. A pink pony with poofy hair comes in as she sings her tunes. The pink pony soon looks up ahead and stops. "HI!" She said in a cheery tone. "My name is Pinkie pie and what is your name?"
Peacock tip her hat, "the name is peacock and I suggest you tell me where I am!" She pointed the gun at her, turning the safety off.  
"Why your in the everfree forest silly!" Pinkie quickly gasp, "We should get you
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United States
Hey there everyone, Animewolfgamer here. Here on my DA, I write a lot of fan fics here along with some original fics but those are mostly second base till I perfect my writing skills. Check out my fimfiction page when ever new updates of my pony fic that I can't post here sometimes due to space limits :/ (Her profile here)……


Already working on the next two chapters at this fic. We are close to the end folks so my question to you is who among the group killed Toon :P 

I'll Keep Going till I'm no longer Relevant! (Day 2)

The T.V turns on at its scheduled time as it shows Manga on the screen. “Rise and shine my members of the rift! It's time to enjoy the rest of the day.” It turns off soon after.

Another day, another chance at survival. It's been ten days but it feels like an eternity since the last time we saw any kind of sunshine. I swear, I think my body is lacking any kind of vitamin C. I should probably double my amount of Orange juice consumption today. Should probably get out of bed first….hehe.

I steady my pace, walking straight to the cafe.


“What the!?” That was Toon voice right? “Sounds like trouble!” I sprinted, full speed. It wasn’t long till I skid across the Rift bar, catching Toon and Foxwell being hold back against their will. Their faces looked so bloodthirsty from where I stand. “Can I ask what-”

“Shhhh!” MasterCode tapped me on the shoulder, nodding slowly. “Let them handle this as we make our leave.”

“WHAT!?” Ok that sounded shady as heck!

Toon knocks off Key and AnY arms, pointing directly at him. “With how you make bold claims about me, I find it so laughable that ponies even follow you in the first place!”

BrushStroke eye twitch like crazy, “You know what? Have at it!”

CatAvenger gasp, “BRUSHSTROKE!”

Foxwell growl, giving him a bug eye look. “Well...I was just making a suggestion on what to do next!”

Toon laugh, turning his back on him. “That is rich coming from the stallion who tells me to keep his ego in check!”

“Oh gee!” Brush tilted her head, forming a very unsettling frown. “I wonder what gave you that idea!?”

“YOU GUYS!” Keyframe stands right between them. “Are we really gonna fight over something this petty!?”

Scriptless stand back, drinking a cup of apple juice. “I say let them argue if that makes them sleep well at night.” She chugs down her drink, placing it right next to the table. “If they want to waste their time arguing instead of contributing then be my guest.”  

AnY sigh, slowly face hooving. “I just wanted a peaceful morning…”

Geez….is this really gonna drag?

“Come on Unova!” MasterCode tugged me back.

I almost stumbled for a bit there. “Ok what are you up too?”

Instead of calming of nerves and give me a straight answer, he instead stick his tongue out with a little wink at me. “You already know that so come on!”

...I was hoping you just straight up say it. “This better be worth it.”

The two of us left the bar without anyone noticing. I really hate to leave them but...I have to know what MasterCode is up to. But I wish it was somewhere other than that damn graveyard. I already feel sick just by smelling it.

MasterCode tilt his head, moving his eyes upwards.

Hmmm body language? I should stay quiet for a bit. The two of us stop for a moment, holding our breaths for a bit.

“Ok!” he shouted proudly, “Now we can speak however we please!”

“Why is that important?” I scratch my head, giving him a bug eye look. “You do realize that Kamen is watching us right now right?”

Suddenly he busted his gut, letting out such a loud laugh.

Did I just gave away the punchline or what?

MasterCode laughter died down, swiping off the eye sweat from his left eye. “Ok now that I had a good laugh, you should look around as the answer is right in front of you.”

“What?” I turned 360 degree, noticing something very off. “Hey!”

MasterCode nodded, “ cameras.”

Huh...I hardly notice the last time we been here. “Wait why is there no-”

Suddenly my mouth was immediately covered. I muffled on before stopping at his sudden serious sight towards me. “Might be best to avoid raising our voices here.”

I nodded right as he let go of my mouth. “Ok then why aren’t there any cameras around here?”

MasterCode chuckled a bit, “Honestly I think Kamen had a brain fart.”

Come to think of it, he is clumsy on certain things here and there.

“No come on,” he headed straight to the freezer. “We got some investigating to do.”

“For what exactly?” I waited for a couple of second. He just ignore me as he open the door, ripping the police tape. “Ok I see where this is going.”

Stepping back into this place….is like walking thru hell once more. “Ugh…” Seeing the bodies of my friends again...I should compliment Kamen for not throwing them away. When all this is over, I’m gonna give every single one of them proper graves.

“If my hunch is correct, it should be here.” Despite the cold atmosphere here, Master Code promptly searches every nook and cranny.

Hmmm? “What is it that you're looking for?” I waited and waited but no answer. You know I should probably help right now...              

*Click* A sudden noise pops out from under table. “Ah ha, I got it.”

“So you knew there was a button around here?” This is starting to get suspicion for me.

He chuckled, “I guess you can say that.” A devilish smirk takes shape. “I had to do a lot of private investigation right under Manga’s nose.”

Right under his nose? “Wait if that is possible then-”

Suddenly the sound of two metal doors rang in our ears. The two of us look, noticing a body right inside. It slid across the table, having its legs on the table while the other half is on the floor. The body….looked more burned if you can say that? Yet...the body is actually a human for once!

“Holy crap…” My jaw drop as my eyes widen…

MasterCode grabs hold of its hand, squinting his eyes. “I wonder?”

Wow...he has no problem touching a burn up human body there.

“Unova,” He turned, facing my direction. “I remember a while ago, you found that greenhouse with blood all over it right?”

…. “Ya that is something I really wanted to forget to be honest.” Great! That is going to haunt my nightmares again isn’t it? “But why did you ask?”

MasterCode pulled me in, presenting the hand right to me. “Take a closer look at this.”

Looking at the hand….I notice a dried blood smudge on its index finger. “What?”

“Ya...I believe so too.” He stood quiet, taking a deep breath. “This might be the person who written that message…”

Wait...if that is true then.... “Who is this stranger?”

He nodded slowly, placing the hand back on the frozen floor. “Not sure who it might be but it could be one of the mods of the rift.”

Mods? Then who would that be since last time I remember, we have four right now. But even then….is this basically saying they died here? How is that possible!?   

A magic aura surrounds the body, floating in mid air. “I am going to put this back for a later inspection.” MasterCode carefully puts back the body in its original spot.  

“Just in case,” I pulled out my ipad, placing the details of the body and the smudge in a folder. “Wouldn’t want this piece of info to be lost.”

Still...knowing more of this, makes me wonder what the heck is going on outside the rift. I just realize we were never close to getting out of here and by now, it seems to be the case. I would like some miracle to happen please!

“Ok,” MasterCode swiped his suit, straightening the tie to perfection. “Unova...Don’t speak this to anyone about this ok?”

Normally I ask why but in this circumstance, I gave him a simple nod in response.

He turned around as he continue searching the room. “I suggest you go now before anypony suspect your gone.”

Without hesitation, I sprinted out of the of lab. In all honesty I’m glad he didn’t ask me to stay because...I don’t feel right standing inside of that lab. But seeing a human body there. Did...did kamen took someone life like that before all this? No! I know he wouldn’t do that right!? Ugh so many things going on in my head. I should head to my room now and hopefully Toon and Foxwell had stop fighting.

A couple minutes has pass. Opening the Rift doors, I’m glad to see that fighting was nowhere in site. In fact the only pony here was Catavenger sitting at the bar table. You know...I guess I should put my free time to good use. “Hi there!”

Cat looked at me with a lifeless expression. “Oh...Hello.”

Ok I guess the fight took a lot of energy from her. “So what have you been up too?”

She face away, pulling a bottle of liquor towards her. “Like I’m about to give up life for something.”

I quickly use my magic, pulling the bottle away from her. “Cat your kinda a little too young for that!”

“I guess…” She scratch her main, letting out a depressful sigh. “This is what AnY does so I’m hoping it does the same with me.”

Way to be a good role model for the younglings AnY. “Well that may have help him but I’m sure it won’t help others…”

“You know….” Cat laid back, adjusting her glasses. “I feel we’re all going insane here.”

I scratch my mane, pouring a small cup of apple juice. “In a claustrophobic area like this, that feeling of insanity becomes more apparent.”   

“Seeing them fight like that…” She looked down, hiding the sadness from my view. “Is it just gonna keep on happening over and over?”

I clench my teeth together, putting my cup down. “Honestly...I wish I can say that won’t happen again but I guess this is a cycle that will keep on repeating.”

“Oh my…” Her breath started to go out of control, laughing awkwardly. “I just really wanted to end it all...I just…”

I wrap my hooves around her shoulders, “Hey let’s not over think there ok.” At least as much then what our brains can handle.

“Unova…” She pushes me away, looking at me with soulless eyes. “I feel So weak now…” her laugh gotten a bit more sinister. Cat grabbed hold of her head, making a crooked smile. “No matter how many times I cope, witnessing ponies dying one by one is putting me back to square one!”


Her laughter died down, coughing up like crazy. “Wow….Never freaked out that hard before…”

I just stand there, looking straight at the shelf of booze.

CatAvenger never spoke a single word and just did the same.

We just stand there, being lost in our thoughts. I should be scared of her display of emotions but...She is right at this moment. I don’t think anyone would giving her any flack for acting out this way. I should say something uplisting like I usually do but in this instance, I don’t think I can’t right now. Guess I’m much closer to her then I thought huh?     

I finish up my drink and left without a word. I sat on my bed for a few minutes. Looking at the time, I think I got enough before bedtime comes arounds.

But as I open the door, Keyframe is in my sight. “OH!”

Keyframe takes a deep breath, “Unova….” She awkwardly place her hoof around her head, “You think you want to hang out with me for a bit?”

Judging by the look on her face, “I guess I can’t say no to that.”

With that, the two of us headed to the graveyard. I swear my luck seems to not be working. As we step right into the cold lifeless dirt, Keyframe sat right next to one of the graves.

I was a little confused at first. Is this all she wanted to do? That is...until I saw the gravestone. I gasp at the sight of the carved name. “Goldenfox…”

A single tear slide down on her face, “It's good to know that the bodies of my friend are not dispose of….”

Well your kinda right but I think now might not be a good time to tell her that. “Ya you can give Kamen that he is tackeful to the victims he killed…” At least as much as what you can get from a mastermind.

“Is this really life?” Keyframe laid back on the soft, cold lifeless dirt. “I have witness too many horrible things and now I questioned the will to live at this moment…”

I sat right next to her, staring right at the grave like a painting. “Keyframe...I think the answer was given to you before he pass on.”

She close her eyes, holding back the water works. “Seeing his grave here...I just want him to pop out and say everything is all played out as a joke….”

I wish the same thing too keyframe. “Even then, You know golden fox would never pull something like that right?” Well except some other groups of people but I won’t mention them. “In fact...Kamen wouldn’t have put us here to suffer but I don’t really know him that much.” Yet he knows me too much…

“Unova…” She turned her head, giving a very colorless look. “Do you ever think there is another side beyond our plain of existence?”

I am stumped...for a lack of a better word. “I don’t know the answer to that...sorry.” Ugh some friend I turn out to be.

Keyframe picked herself up, holding her breath before letting it all go. “I don’t want to lose anymore of my closest friends…”

It's a sad shame. “We should focus more on our survival as that is what all of our desist friends wants us to do.” I wrap my hoof around her shoulder, “Besides what good can do if we just give up?”

Keyframe chuckle, as the water works comes in. “I thought dealing hardships at home was bad but the worst has yet to come.”

What that may be, we can’t run away from it now. I feel a lot closer to Keyframe now than ever. If this death game has any kind of ending whether it be bad or good, we’ll be ready to face it when the time comes. Maybe then, I can finally figure out why Kamen is like this.

After a little more talk, Keyframe headed back to her dorm room. I did the same. It was eight o clock by the time I arrive and already I feel tired. Yet I know what's gonna come next. “3...2….1!”

The T.V turns on just as I expected it. The static became more clearer, Showing Kamen sitting on his throne. “Attention everypony from the rift! Head to the rift graveyard as I got your motives ready so don’t be late!” Static takes over the screen before blinking to a darkness void.   

Of course… “Well let's see what motive he has for us now.”

As I exit the rift cafe area, everypony else was waiting for me. I swear they’re a lot faster than me at this point. None of us spoken a word as the rock takes us to the graveyard. You know...I think Kamen’s only reason for setting the motive there must of been heavy symbolism. Guess he took notes from a movie reviewer from great britain.  

The rock gently lands. Kamen tap dance to us, spinning his cane with a top hat flinging up in the air, landing on Catavengers head. “Ready for another chance at murder!?”

Cat throws his hat back at him, “Stop distracting us and get on with it.”

Kamen stumbled back. His eyes widen with his jaws drop. “But I had a routine and everything!” His voice broke in a high pitch, having a snot bubble form on his nose.

We stayed silent for a few seconds.

Kamen’s sadness quickly turn into anger. “FINE! Just follow me to your motive today!”

All of us chuckle a bit. Guess a little laugh couldn’t hurt. “Hehe”

Not long after, we were taking to a set of gravestone with all of our names marked on them. For a moment, It felt a bit unsettling. Guess this could be perfect for a horror movie.

“Step right up folks!” Kamen slide his cane across the tombstones. “Because your careers are in jeportity!”

Toon scratch his head, tipping his hat over. “Say what?”

“YEP!” Kamen jumped right on my tombstone. “All your careers are fading away and no one will be remembering you!”

Keyframe giggled. Followed by anger soon after. “What a terrible fucking excuse of a motive!”

AnY growled, “Kamen...if that is what you really are…” He clench his teeth, stomping his hoof out. “You of all people should know that we don’t see ourselves at high pedestals!”

“Oh I know….” Kamen grinned widely, “But can’t say about the rest of them.”

Hitting the low hanging fruit like me? Ok how is this guy in any could be my friend!?

“Hehehe…” Kamen glarfully stared at me and everypony behind me. “I know most of you are thinking of the same thing right?”

“Eh…” Catavenger casually laid back, “I don’t really care at this point so…”

“YOU….ARE JUST MESSING WITH US!” Foxwell shouted, walking right towards him. “I...BET YOU HOPE WE WOULD DO THE KILLING!”

He wave his finger, falling right behind my tombstone. “Maybe...but you know how this fandom works right?” Hiding right behind the tombstone, his arms spread out, pointing fingers are everypony. “Ponies that put hard work to their status are always willing to sacrifice others right?” He clapped his grubby claws together before his head stick outs from above the tombstone. “Its my best motive as of yet!”

“More like your most shitty one!” Scriptless nodded slowly, “I can get the previous ones but this?” She scoff, turning her back on him. “Pretty weak there dude.” Scriptless high tails it out, without looking back.

“Uh...YA!” Toon kicks the dirts right under his hoof. “If you think this is gonna get us killing then you got another thing coming!”

“Come on guys!” Keyframe turn at a quick 180, “Lets head back to our dorm rooms!”

Everypony nodded, following Keyframe like how a mother duck lead her ducklings to a set path. Not long after, Only me and MasterCode are left.

Kamen jump out from the tombstone, giggling to himself. “I will always get my way.”

Suddenly out of surprise, MasterCode actually giggled with him. “Is there any other way you can see that?”

Ok I think he kinda lost it there. “Umm I think we should go now.”

He nodded in agreement, “Let's hurry as this lawyer needs some good shut eye.”

We stayed on course, making sure we don’t give eye contact towards Kamen as we exit the grave. I can’t believe his motive was complete crap this time. I’m already excited for the next day and I haven’t felt that way in a while. MasterCode just giggled along with Kamen was very off putting to me. You know...maybe I should talk to him about this tommarow. I really need to get this off my chest you know?          

Dangan Ronpa! Analyzing is Despair!
Ok Finally getting my grove back into writing this one. I want to finish this story before 2018 ends so Expect more constant updates from me for now. Also Toon kritic gonna die the next day :P 

:iconflairnightz: I'm back! Sorry I haven't been in the last chapter giving my theater thoughts but...I was busy with something. Whats that you say? THAT IS PRIVATE MATTERS! But it seems it won't be private anymore as I got a little rat problem. He seems to be super focs on this the moment he found out about my relationship with somepony. Ya Like he will ever get that far! But quite frankly, I am starting to worry for a bit here. Hmmmm...Should I break my rules right now? 

survivors: :iconunovabrony: :iconaynwye: :iconcosmicchrissy: :iconmastercode747:  :iconnaitaidaifoxxoll: :iconbuyolitsezmc:  :iconcatavenger: :iconseason-the-wiccan: 

Victims: :iconanimewolfgamer: :iconrionrhinomills: :iconfinnthepony17: :icondarkedge42:

Killers: :iconred-cord-player: :icongoldenfoxda: :iconanimechristy:
To people saying we should forget and move on. Please don't do that. As it will only happen again if we don't prepare for another disaster like this. This is a serious issue that happen within our fandom ranks and if you care, look out on who could possibly be the next one that abuse their power. HOWEVER! Grouping them together because its a group you hate is not gonna help and only make you look stupid. That and censoring people. Please to the two sides of the argument, don't do that. Debate and talk it out even if you don't like each other. Don't go and pull the censor card please.  
I was tag by the lovely :iconmangajag:

1. Choose one of your OCs.
2. Your OC SHOULD NOT lie.
3. Journal title should be "OC Interview".
4. When you’re done, tag as many people as you wish.
5. Have fun!

1. What is your real name and nickname? 
Mark is my real name and Nick name I never got one unfortionly. 

2. Interesting…  What’s your current age?
About 23.  

3. Uh-huh.  What’s your favorite food?
Hamburgers and steak. What ponies don't eat. 

4. And your favorite drink?
Any fizzy drink or juices. 

5. Confession time!  Who’s your lover?
Well there is a certain sea pony I like to talk to a lot >////>

6. Have you kissed anyone yet?
No not yet. 

7. What about your childhood sweetheart?
There was one but I couldn't remember her for a long time. 

8. Who’s your favorite author?
I don't read that much. 

9. Now, what’s your biggest fear?
Being left behind. 

10. Any siblings?
Two brothers. They grow up so fast. 

11. Almost done, it’s only twenty questions.  Who’s your hero?
Don't have any at the moment. 

12. OK, who’s your worst enemy?
I'm not gonna tag her but you should know if you follow my jounals, theirs a specific alicorn I can't stand. But I do have a certain pink pony I can't stand ether because of personal reason. 

13. Huh, alright.  Now, who’s your best friend?
:iconGeekystev: and :iconprjc1116: 

14. Interesting…  What would you do if you met your creator?
Maybe get to know how there world works. 

15. Now, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Just publish the many stories I written. Under a hidden name as my kind are not welcome much. 

16. What’s your worst nightmare?
making the choice I will soon regret. 

17. What’s your lifelong dream?
Being with someone and share our accomplishments and having a partner with me to for fill benefits for both of us. 

18. What would you do if your lifelong dream came true?
Have as much fun as possible. 

19. OK, where’s your favorite place to relax?
Couch. Because couch potato here :P 

20. Last question!  What do you do most of the time?
Just writing and going out long runs in the woods. 

21. were done now tag. 
:iconGeekystev: and :iconprjc1116: 


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